Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering security professionals to progress and protect their organizations.
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Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering security professionals to progress and protect their organizations.


Vulnerability Management

Go beyond launching scans and finding vulnerabilities

If you’re a security professional who’s into mythology, then you’ll know what we mean when we say dealing with exploits is a lot like Sisyphus dealing with his rock. If you’re not a fan of absurd existential metaphors, here’s the straight talk: Attackers will never stop creating exploits to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. Never. So as long as exploits exist (again, forever), it’s a non-negotiable fact that you need a process in place to continuously find and patch your vulnerabilities. That process is known as vulnerability management. And, no, it needn’t be as sad as pushing a rock up a hill just to watch it roll back down.

Vulnerability management helps you identify the holes that can be used during an attack and how to seal them before a breach happens. But it’s more than launching scans and finding vulnerabilities; it requires you to create processes around efficient remediation and to ensure that the most critical items are being fixed first. What you do with the data you uncover is more important than simply finding vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management that works for you

If your vulnerability management is all spreadsheets and scanning interfaces, you’re doing it wrong. A great vulnerability management tool should make it easy to automate scans and get the right information to the right people, whether that’s a CISO or a database administrator. As you grow your security program, you should also be able to easily feed your vulnerability data into other tools, increasing their intelligence and giving them a map of your vulnerability exposures.

Vulnerability management with Rapid7 Nexpose

Nexpose, Rapid7’s vulnerability management solution, allows you to prioritize your vulnerabilities by likelihood of use by an attacker, ensuring you always fix the most dangerous issues first. You can easily automate the entire vulnerability management process from scanning to report distribution, and set up dynamic asset groups with granular filters to ensure that your team members get only the information relevant to them. Use live assessment and dynamic dashboards to get a constant scoreboard for how your program is working. Finally, Nexpose integrates with more best of breed technologies than anyone else in the space, helping you create a smarter and more valuable security program.