Revolutionizing cloud security with unparalleled protection and performance. Go beyond basic internet security with a 100% cloud solution.
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Revolutionizing cloud security with unparalleled protection and performance. Go beyond basic internet security with a 100% cloud solution.


Securing the transformation to the digital enterprise

Zscaler built its multi-tenant platform from scratch to provide 100% cloud security to every user in the enterprise, on any device, using any app, all over the world.

The platform powers the two essential Zscaler services: Zscaler Internet Access, which provides inline inspection of every byte of traffic to make sure nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves; and Zscaler Private Access, which provides secure access to internal apps without exposing them to the network.

The Zscaler global platform is elastically scalable and provides a single console for unmatched visibility, reporting, and policy control. With Zscaler cloud intelligence, if a threat is detected for any one of our 15 million users, it is immediately blocked for all users.

The digital transformation is happening now. It’s defined by speed and agility, enabled by cloud, and secured by Zscaler.

Zscaler can help you tame the cloud

Zscaler is always inline, inspecting every byte of traffic, so you’ll finally be able to see—and control—the cloud applications that are really in use in your organization. Zscaler sits between your users and the Internet—regardless of which device they are using or where they are located. Our cloud-based architecture gives you visibility in near real time, even on SSL‐encrypted traffic—something firewall vendors just aren’t designed to provide.

Because Zscaler looks at all traffic, attempts to navigate to suspicious sites are blocked before the request leaves your network. We can also prevent sensitive data from leaking out, helping you to meet compliance goals. And because we are also inspecting reply traffic, we can identify and stop malware and threats before they hit you. Finally, we act as an identity broker for key cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box to provide secure access and enable single sign‐on (SSO) into these applications.

Data loss protection for all users and device types, including SSL-encrypted traffic

Most businesses have built strong perimeters to keep attackers out, and some have created controls for data inside the network. Many have deployed data loss prevention (DLP) infrastructures within their LAN, to ensure that sensitive data is accessed only by authorized users. Most struggle, however, to ensure that protected information does not flow out via cloud storage, file sharing sites, blogs, webmail, social networks, IM, and more. Between unintentional user actions, truly malicious activities, and simple lack of awareness, your sensitive data may be flying out onto the Internet.

Zscaler’s cloud security platform sits between the user and the Internet, inspecting every byte of traffic. Our DLP functionality is in the perfect place to provide protection across all users and device types, including transaction content and SSL-encrypted or compressed traffic. You can take advantage of our standard DLP dictionaries to create general policies, as well as add your own specific terms and phrases to get granular. And you retain complete control over which traffic to inspect, so you can secure your company’s private information without violating users’ privacy.

To benefit from cloud and mobility, break free from hub-and-spoke and go direct

The only way to achieve the agility, speed, and cost savings enabled by cloud and mobility in the branch is with local Internet breakouts. But relying upon UTM and NGFW appliances to secure Internet traffic is costly and results in appliance sprawl.

Zscaler Cloud Firewall enables local Internet breakouts, while bringing advanced proxy security and firewall access control to all locations. And Zscaler is 100% cloud based, so there is no hardware or software to deploy or manage.

Zscaler turns zero-day threats into zero threats

No matter where your users are, Zscaler Cloud Sandbox sits between them and the Internet, analyzing unknown files for malicious behavior. Delivery from the cloud means all users, regardless of location, get protection without cumbersome VPNs or Data Center backhaul links. Because our sandbox is integrated into Zscaler’s Cloud Security Platform, you get a full security stack from day one. Just point your traffic to Zscaler — there’s no hardware to buy, no so ware to upgrade, and no headaches to suffer!