LogRhythm’s security intelligence and analytics platform enables organizations to detect and neutralize cyber threats.
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LogRhythm’s security intelligence and analytics platform enables organizations to detect and neutralize cyber threats.


Next-Gen SIEM

Modernize Your Threat Detection & Response

Intrusions happen, threats emerge—see them when they do and neutralize them fast. Our unified platform will modernize your security operations with big-picture visibility and actionable intelligence.

  • When an Intrusion Happens, Speed Matters
  • Your team has alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed. A data breach could be next.
  • Knowing what to investigate—and doing so quickly—is imperative.
  • From detection through response, our SIEM was built for speed.
  • Go faster with LogRhythm.

See Advanced Threats

Detecting advanced threats within your environment requires a data-driven, machine analytics approach. LogRhythm uses machine learning and other techniques to surface advanced threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Search with Power & Precision

Find what you’re seeking with targeted searches that use contextual or unstructured criteria for precise results. Whether you’re hunting for threats or investigating an incident, our analysis tools help you to fly through data and quickly arrive at answers.

Focus on the Riskiest Threats

Our risk-based-priority algorithm applies risk and threat factors to automatically qualify alarms, so your team can spend time working the highest-risk concerns instead of being lost in the weeds.

Implement Security Analytics Rapidly

Developed by our LogRhythm Labs team, pre-packaged threat detection and compliance modules help you to accelerate adoption and use of advanced security analytics.

Orchestrate and Automate Incident Response

Kill threats quickly and avoid data breaches by automating your investigation and response processes with our embedded case and security incident management facility. Save time and respond faster with pre-staged SmartResponse™ investigatory actions and incident response remediation.

Next-Gen Log Management

Uncover Actionable Data

You’re buried in data. The information is there, but you can’t see it. We can help you identify useful insights with Elasticsearch precision and our log management and big data analytics platform.

Collect Everything, Miss Nothing

Are you getting the most out of your log and machine data? Log management is about more than collecting and storing logs. You need to understand what the data means. We help you best use your log and machine data for network protection and compliance.

Collect and Analyze Everything

Collect from every device, application and sensor in your environment. Our Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric classifies and contextually structures every log message. The result? Deep intelligence into over 750 unique data source types.

Make Decisions Quickly

Use our advanced visualizations, on-the-fly filtering and data pivoting to simplify investigations for faster threat detection. We give you immediate access to all log and machine data for forensic search and big data analytics.

Search With Greater Accuracy and Speed

Tap the power of combined structured and unstructured search built on our Elasticsearch backend. Unstructured search provides a Google-like experience while our MDI fabric enables contextual search when greater precision is required. Our search builder allows you to easily realize the best of both worlds easily.

Understand Time of Occurrence with Accuracy

Don’t miss critical attack sequences. Our patented TrueTime™ process records the actual time of occurrence, automatically correcting time zone, device clock offsets and collection offsets.

Enforce Continuous Compliance

Access hundreds of dashboards, investigations and reports specifically mapped to individual requirements with our Compliance Automation Modules. They help you automate compliance enforcement instead of relying on time-intensive and reactive manual processes.