Deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security fabric to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.
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Deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security fabric to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.


FortiCache Series

Dealing with Bandwidth Demand

The Internet is experiencing an ongoing dramatic change in usage as users shift from fixed to mobile access, and the volume of interactive and video content continues to increase. In addition, users not only expect, but demand instant access to content. Carriers, Service Providers, large enterprises, and educational networks all face similar exponential growth in bandwidth demand that consumes capacity as quickly as it’s added. With more and more organizations relying on hosted environments, the pressure of increased bandwidth usage can have negative impacts on users that rely on cloud-based applications outside of the internal network. Networks need to service these demands quickly and reliably without becoming prohibitively expensive.

Take Back Control of the Network

The FortiCache range of appliances provides a combination of content caching, WAN acceleration, and filtering controls to ensure the content you want is delivered promptly, bandwidth overheads are minimized, and controls are in place to ensure bandwidth misuse is mitigated.

Content caching enables organizations to reuse popular content rather than download it every time a user requests it. WAN acceleration techniques minimize the overhead on transactions, lowering the per-user bandwidth cost and speeding up connectivity. The integrated FortiGuard web filtering allows network administrators to selectively control or block access to content by type, (e.g. adult, or malicious content) to protect users and offer them differentiated services.

Bandwidth Reduction and Application Acceleration

The Internet is increasingly driven by short-term phenomena as news stories, sporting events, viral videos and games that drive spikes in bandwidth demand. Interest in such content can spread within minutes, proliferate quickly and generate huge traffic loads on the network. The result is congestion, latency and unplanned cost. By reducing the volume of bandwidth demand, service providers and enterprises can deliver a higher quality of service to their customers, improve customer satisfaction, retain a larger customer base, and ultimately increase profitability.

FortiCache Network Control

The modern network is being challenged continuously to provide service at an increasingly competitive cost. For some locations, it may be prohibitive to provide additional bandwidth. In these environments, FortiCache can enable your organization to mitigate the need for costly upgrades and extract a greater value from existing investments. FortiCache enables the network administrator to optimize and accelerate the network by keeping as much traffic as possible within the network, thus lowering the pressure on valuable external connectivity. FortiCache understands the delivery format of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), enabling caching of dynamic, distributed, and streaming video content. This can even be performed where advertisements are embedded in the video, or the file is served from different locations within the CDN.