Intelligent network visibility solutions that monitor, manage and deliver end-to-end visibility across enterprise, data centers and service providers.
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Intelligent network visibility solutions that monitor, manage and deliver end-to-end visibility across enterprise, data centers and service providers.


Visibility Platform

Organizations face increasing volumes of data, traveling faster and faster across diverse networks that span physical, virtual, and cloud environments, connecting to billions of devices. At the same time, they face more—and more varied—threats such as cyberterrorism, malware, and ransomware. The result is an ever-expanding universe of complexity, cost, and risk. Current approaches to managing, monitoring, and securing critical infrastructure only increase that complexity, cost, and risk.

The network is a rich source of all this data in motion. However, the sheer volume of network traffic is so high that security, performance management and other analytic tools that need to inspect the data in motion cannot directly ingest the data without being overwhelmed.

The best solution is to simplify and provide pervasive visibility.

An Innovative Solution: The Data-in-Motion Visibility Platform

Pervasive visibility is obtained by creating a new pre-processing layer between the network and the rich suite of security, performance management and other analytics tools that need to analyze the data in motion. This pre-processing layer in the infrastructure is the visibility layer, which extracts data in motion from any point in the network and delivers relevant data to each security / performance management / analytic tool that needs the data. The delivered data could be network traffic in the form of raw packets, meaningful extracted metadata, specific application flows/sessions or transformed traffic (e.g. masking of sensitive data in traffic or decrypted network traffic).

The Gigamon Visibility Platform is the visibility layer in a modern infrastructure that delivers pervasive visibility into data in motion across your entire network—physical, virtual, public/private/hybrid cloud, and remote sites. Gigamon offers a complete visibility solution that is agnostic to choices made in the network or tooling layers. Complemented by an open, extensive, growing ecosystem, Gigamon offers the simplicity, breadth, and depth needed to support the network optimization and security needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

Key Benefits of a Visibility Platform

There are three key benefits of the Gigamon data-in-motion Visibility Platform:


Simplify, consolidate, & automate traffic delivery to tools.

By separating the process of extracting data from analyzing the data, the Visibility Platform can insulate tools from changes in the network, as well as help optimize tool performance.


Deliver relevant data to maximize performance of monitoring and security tools.

Combined with simplified access to more relevant data, security tools now have an expanded scope of visibility, enabling them to see and respond to threats in real time.


Gain full transparency into what’s happening on the network.

Armed with this insight, organizations can deliver better, faster service to high-value customers, and are empowered to make better, faster decisions.