Innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks, workstations and data.
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Innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks, workstations and data.


Attacks these days have become increasingly targeted and sophisticated in order to bypass conventional protection systems. They use advanced infection techniques such as the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities and implement complex mechanisms to go undetected in the operating system.

Relying on a unique system analysis technology, Stormshield Endpoint Security is the only solution that provides proven protection against these sophisticated attacks.

Stormshield Endpoint Security Full Protect

The Full Protect product utilizes a unique proactive signature-less technology  which protects efficiently against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

Protection from unknown threats

  • Protect your computers against the exploitation of vulnerabilities on the operating system and the exploitation of vulnerabilities on third-party applications.
  • Control integrity of the system’s memory.

Protection for terminals, workstations & servers

  • Detect of malicious programs through behavioral analysis and reinforcement of the operating system.
  • Manage your workstations thanks to application control (whitelisting or blacklisting), granular control over user privileges and granular control over the exfiltration of sensitive data.

Intrusion prevention

  • Secure your computers with a firewall and network intrusion prevention.

Stormshield Endpoint Security Full Control

The Full Control product allows the granular definition of workstation protection in a context that complies with the corporate security policy.

Peripheral device monitoring and audit

  • Allow or block peripheral devices according to their type or serial number.
  • Protect against infection by external peripheral devices (e.g. by an infected USB key).

Communication control

  • Quarantine infected PCs.
  • Authorize public Wi-Fi hotspots only when your corporate VPN is used.
  • Manage access with the whitelisting of corporate Wi-Fi access points.