Revolutionizing cloud security with unparalleled protection and performance. Go beyond basic internet security with a 100% cloud solution.
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Revolutionizing cloud security with unparalleled protection and performance. Go beyond basic internet security with a 100% cloud solution.


GigaNetworks® has been implementing the Palo Alto Networks™ product since 2008. It is an ideal solution for environments that want to implement an IPS around an existing firewall (due to Check Point, Cisco and Juniper firewall limitations), create a URL filtering solution that can identify users and control traffic flow, or deploy a very low-cost, highly effective SSL/VPN environment. Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls have provided user-based visibility and QoS policy control of applications and content running on enterprise networks since 2007. Based on patent-pending App-ID™ technology, Palo Alto Networks firewalls accurately identify applications – regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic or SSL encryption – and scan content to stop a broad range of threats and prevent data leakage at 10Gbps with no performance degradation. Enterprises can now embrace the world of Web 2.0 applications in a manner that is safe for the business and its users, while offering significantly lowering total cost of ownership through device consolidation. Learn more at

It is all about the next generation firewall technology. Palo Alto Networks thinks it is time to “fix the firewall!” Developing the next generation firewall to meet the requirements of today’s networks; applications have changed – HTTP traffic is coming in and out of Port 80 and 443 and traditional firewalls don’t have the visibility to see exactly what is traversing the network, let alone what users are actually doing. Palo Alto Networks have fixed that and are the only company to provide control of the network back to IS Managers as well as prevent threats. As an example, most might consider social networking sites as web pages, but in reality these are applications with threat potential (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc).

Palo Alto Networks is an innovative network security company that’s been generating a lot of industry buzz because of its innovative next generation firewalls/IPS. These award-winning solutions are unlike any other firewalls/IPS on the market allowing organizations to embrace Web 2.0 while mitigating threats and risks associated with today’s application centric network traffic. Built from the ground up for today’s Internet-powered enterprise, Gartner has recommended that enterprises considering a firewall re-fresh and/or IPS project should consider these next generation firewalls that give IT organizations complete visibility and control of all the Internet applications that are currently bypassing security infrastructures and flooding corporate networks.