X by Invincea is the most advanced next-generation antivirus solution, detecting and stopping malware without relying on signatures.

X by Invincea is the most advanced next-generation antivirus solution, detecting and stopping malware without relying on signatures.


Moving Beyond Traditional Antivirus

Attackers have been easily evading traditional antivirus solutions for years, which is why almost every breach originates at the endpoint. Invincea realized that a new way of detecting malware was critical. Created by data scientists, X by Invincea leverages deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, as part of the industry’s most advanced next-generation anti-virus solution. This gives X by Invincea the ability to detect and stop malware – even previously unknown variants – without relying on signatures.

Deep learning mimics the way the human brain thinks. Recent advances in deep learning have allowed breakthrough results, including advancements in facial recognition and natural language processing. Invincea uses similar deep learning technology to differentiate malware from benign programs. This means Invincea can detect previously unknown malware and polymorphic variants that evade signature-based solutions. In essence, X by Invincea stops malware before it can impact an endpoint, without affecting performance. This includes ransomware, weaponized Office documents, and other prominent endpoint threats.

Preventing Known and Unknown Malware without Signatures

X by Invincea leverages machine learning to identify and block suspicious files before they execute. Every program found on the endpoint is automatically analyzed. First, Invincea extracts unique file features about the program and its capabilities. Second, the extracted features are then run through Invincea’s multi-stage deep learning algorithm to determine how similar the file is to other malware families. X by Invincea then returns a similarity score for the suspicious program. The higher the score, the greater the likelihood that it is malware. If a file exceeds the risk threshold, it is automatically quarantined or deleted. X by Invincea will even identify the malware family the file belongs to. The entire process, from feature extraction to quarantine, takes only 20 milliseconds.

Stopping File-less Attacks

Not all endpoint attacks rely solely on malicious files. Many attacks begin as file-less, meaning the attacker does not write any files to the user’s system. File-less attacks are extremely popular because many of today’s endpoint protection solutions struggle to detect these attacks. The most common type of file-less attacks are weaponized Office documents. To prevent file-less attacks, X by Invincea utilizes behavioral monitoring to determine if trusted programs are behaving badly. When suspicious behavior is detected, X by Invincea automatically terminates the malicious process in real-time, before it can do damage. Behavioral monitoring works in conjunction with deep learning to dynamically set the risk threshold and provide greater defense-in-depth against endpoint threats.

Eliminating Spear Phishing Attacks

Almost every major cyber attack begins with a targeted email with a malicious attachment or link. Organizations attempt to combat this with training, but users will always make mistakes that lead to painful breaches. X by Invincea offers a better solution for spear phishing protection for those organizations who require additional endpoint security. With X by Invincea’s isolation technology, all links and attachments from email are automatically opened in an isolated environment. Users will continue to conduct business as usual, but attackers are completely contained. Threats are killed, removed, and logged without exposing any data or allowed the attacker to gain a foothold on the endpoint.

Deployment Options

Invincea offers three different versions of X by Invincea – Detect, Prevent, and Complete. This allows organizations to choose the deployment that fits their business requirements. Organizations can choose to deploy silently (Detect) before turning on active blocking (Prevention). Others will choose to add an optional additional layer of protection (Complete).

X by Invincea Detect

Runs silently to identify compromised endpoints, including compromises that existed prior to deploying X by Invincea. The forensics collected provide visibility to security teams to detect and respond to attacks. The Invincea Management Server, which is used to manage X by Invincea deployments and analyze forensic data, can be hosted or deployed on-premise. Data can also be exported to SIEMs and other security tools.

X by Invincea Prevent

Includes all the forensics and analysis included in Detect, but also automatically blocks threats before they can cause damage. X by Invincea Prevent uses machine learning to detect and block known and unknown malware from running. In addition, Prevent uses behavioral monitoring to stop file-less attacks, including weaponized Office documents, from compromising the endpoint. X by Invincea Prevent is completely host-based and works even when the endpoint is offline. This means users stay protected whether they are in the office or on the road.

X by Invincea Complete

Not only offers the features of Detect and Prevent, but also adds additional spear phishing protection. X by Invincea Complete leverages Invincea’s isolation capabilities to contain untrusted content such as links and attachments in emails.